The Jewish Community of the Philippines

The synagogue is part of a beautiful stand alone complex that houses a large function room,, a spacious Kosher kitchen, a library, classrooms,a mikvah and offices.

We have Monday and Thursday Minyans. Other days can be arranged upon request to the Rabbi. Our services follow the Sephardic Nusach. The current Rabbi, Eliyahu Azaria, is a native of Chicago. He and his wife, Miriam, moved to Manila with their oldest daughter in 2004, following study and rabbinic ordination at Midrash Sephardic Yeshiva in Jerusalem. They have since had three other children born in Manila.

A number of activities take place in the Synagogue. We have Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah classes. We have Sunday classes for children in Hebrew and Torah. We have Shabbot services for children. There are weekly Thursday night adult classes with the Rabbi. There is weekly Tuesday classes with the Rabbanit for the women. There are many additional lectures and musicals and other religious cultural events.

All meals served in the Synagogue are strictly Kosher. Food can be purchased from the Synagogue to take out. Meals can be prepared for takeout.

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The Jewish Community in Manila's Efforts to help in Typhoon Haiyan (Local Name Yolanda) Relief Efforts. Click on picture for more details.


Friday night service at 6:30pm followed by dinner
Saturday service at 9:30am followed by Kiddush/Lunch
Monday and Thursday Minyan 7:15am followed by Breakfast
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Minyan 7:15am followed by Sandwiches
Sunday Minyan 8:00am followed by Sandwiches
Rosh Chodesh if during the week at 7:15am followed by Breakfast

From The Rabbi's Desk

Rabbi Jonathan Goldschmidt began his Jewish Education in London at the JLE (Jewish Learning Exchange). While there he met Rabbi Akiva Tatz and became interested in the subject of Jewish spirituality.

After moving to Israel in 2007 he studied in a variety of Yeshivas and Kollels including Aish HaTorah, Ohr Somayach, Shapell’s (Darche Noam), the Boston Kollel...

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